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We don’t believe that a good hat is simply an accessory that you pick up at the last minute. Instead, we believe that the right hat is a work of art. A way to express creativity and individuality. A way to tie an outfit together. A way to make celebrations even more fun. A way to show respect.

Since 1988 Samuel’s Hats has been a leader in the designer hat industry. Whether you’re in need of a stylish hat for the Kentucky Derby, a church hat for that special Sunday service, a casual hat, or anything in between, our selection of designer hats will give you the perfect complement to your personality and your style.

Here at Samuel’s Hats we believe in being the go-to authority for designer hats. We have a long history bringing our customers the best men’s and women’s hats, and if you’re wondering why we’re the hat retailer for you, read our story on our About Us page. Aside from a rich history, part of what makes us different is our knowledge. You’ll find information and advice here that you can use to pick out the perfect hat. That way, you’re not just making a purchase — but a confident choice that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.

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