Picking the Perfect Polo Match Hat

Picking the Perfect Polo Match Hat

A polo match is fast-paced and exciting, but off the field, the fashion is just as exciting.  In fact, polo matches are as much a fashion show as they are an athletic competition!  If you’re going to be well-received at one of these matches, you’ve got to have the perfect outfit — topped off with the perfect hat.

Decades ago, women were expected to wear long formal gowns, their best jewelry, white gloves, and elegant hats that showed off everything from feathers to long ribbons. These days, the dress code isn’t quite as formal.  Instead of floor-length gowns, you’ll see shorter, more casual dresses.  The hats are still a staple, but they don’t have to be quite as over-the-top as they were a century ago.

So, what makes for the perfect polo match hat today?

–  Don’t assume you can wear your Kentucky Derby hat
Polo Match Hats

It’s probably more fitting to call the hats you see on the first Saturday in May pieces of art, but they’re not acceptable for a polo match.  Grand adornments that are commonplace at the Kentucky Derby are considered a little too showy for polo matches.  In other words, leave the feathers at home!

–  A size you’re comfortable with

Just because you can’t go all out like you would for the Kentucky Derby doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a tiny ol’ polo match hat!  Feel free to break out big floppy brims, angled brims, and curved brims that frame your face.

If you’d rather wear a smaller hat, that’s OK, too.  In fact, panama hats and fedoras are becoming more commonplace at polo matches.

–  A material that’s weather-appropriate

Going to a polo match typically means standing out in the sun all afternoon.  As a result, you want a hat that’s going to breathe. After all, no one wants a sweaty, stinky head!  That’s why you’ll most commonly see straw hats at polo matches.  They provide the sun protection you need, without letting a bunch of heat build up inside.

–  A design that’s time-appropriate

Polo matches that take place in the evening tend to be more formal than their morning and afternoon counterparts — meaning you’ll need a hat that’s more on the formal side. In many instances, an afternoon polo match is followed by an evening party, but that doesn’t mean you need to pull out your fancy hat early.  Instead, it’s customary for party-goers to change their clothes — including their hats — between the match and the party.

Now that you know what to wear, you can watch in style — from the first  throw-in to the traditional divot-stomping at the end!