Pillbox Hats

Pillbox ladies hats are perfect for church events, weddings, and the Kentucky Derby. Though this style of hat is small, their distinct shape makes them stand out. There is no brim on this type of hat; instead the sides are flipped up along the crown. Pillbox hats fit snugly on the head, and can be used to keep hair in place. They are made from straw, satin, and felt. Pillbox hats are a nice addition to an outfit for a formal event, or for when ladies want to stand out in casual settings. Pillbox hats have an interesting heritage, as their precursor is Roman military headgear from the late Roman Empire. Similar styled hats appear later in history in different areas, and some modern military uniforms have comparable caps. Modern ladies pillbox hats are often plain, though they come in a variety of colors. Veils are a popular addition to the pillbox hat, making these perfect for weddings or somber events. A few pillbox hats have decorations such as broaches, feathers, and bows. Some have large ostrich quills or bows that give the hat some height. If women need a plain pillbox hat or want a more decorative yet simple hat, pillboxes are a good addition to their wardrobe.