Leather Hats

Women's leather hats are a popular cold weather style. The classic leather look is a good way to be sophisticated, and yet still casual enough for daily use. There are several main designs for women's leather hats, including cowboy, fedora, and cloche. The supple material can block out wind and cold, as an alternative to felt or wool hats for the winter months. In addition to the classic, simple hats, some hats have leather in combination with other materials and decorations.

A few women's leather hats are paired with fur, to make an even warmer, and more luxurious wintery hat. Others are paired with patterned fabric, to create a brighter vision. In still other cases, the rawhide itself has been painted, so the hat has a leather look while being elaborately decorated without much added ornamentation. Decoration on ladies leather hats ranges from simple ribbon and bows, to large stitching and latticework pattern. With this variety of styles, there is a leather hat for any woman’s taste, whether she prefers a classic, or a modern, eccentric hat. In any case, women's leather hats are a chic and sophisticated addition to an everyday outfit or for those special events out on the town.