Bridal & Wedding Hats

Bridal Wedding FascinatorBridal hats, cocktails, and fascinators are a unique addition to any lady’s outfit on the wedding day.  Brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests have a gorgeous array of caps to choose from. Many of the bridal headpieces are fascinators, which are perfect for the bride who wants to have a head decoration that is not large and cumbersome. Wedding hats and fascinators are often white for the bride, but many colors are available for bridesmaids and wedding guests. Decorations on bridal hats frequently feature feathers, rhinestones, broaches, and some have a small veil. These allow women to follow the traditional practice of a headpiece at a wedding while having a modern touch.

Wedding hats and fascinators come in large and small varieties, so ladies can choose their style, from just a small flower or feather or a larger, exotic piece. Smaller wedding pieces feature feather decorations, in imitation of majestic swans. Other small bridal pieces have long feathers to catch the eye, while the fascinator itself small and delicate. Larger wedding pieces can feature mesh in a variety of shapes, large flowers, and ostrich feathers. With the variety of elegant bridal headpieces, there is sure to be a fascinator or hat to match a ladies style for anyone’s special day.