Tea Party Hats -- How to Make the Perfect Choice

Tea Party Hats -- How to Make the Perfect Choice

Whether you're a young woman or an elegant lady, everyone loves getting invited to a tea party!  Between the finger sandwiches, the scones, the desserts, and the tea itself, you know the afternoon is going to be a good one.

Now, it's time to pick out atea partyhat that looks just as perfect as the afternoon spread!

The first thing to keep in mind is the color.  You should opt for a hat that's part of a soft color palette -- meaning that it's not too bright.  That doesn't mean you can get away with wearing a dark tea party hat, though!  In fact, black, gray, and navy are generally frowned upon at these events.  Instead, you should aim for pastels.  Pale pink, blue, yellow, and green are all popular tea party colors, as are white and cream.

Bottom line -- even when you stick to the "right" colors, you've still got a lot of choices!

But a good tea party hat goes beyond the color.  Flowers are big at tea parties -- not just as a table decoration, but as a guest decoration!  You'll see plenty of floral print dresses and skirts at your tea party, and while you won't see very many floral print hats, it's very common to wear hats that are adorned with flowers.  In fact, flowers can dress up a hat that's more casual -- like a straw hat that has flowers on the crown or along the band, for example.

Thinking that a hat covered in flowers is a little more of a fashion statement than you're willing to make?  No problem!  There are plenty of great tea party hats that don't involve a single flower.  Instead, things like ribbon, silk, feathers, and even pearl adornments are used to make these hats more noticeable.

While certain colors and adornments are very common, you'll have some flexibility in the material you choose.  Sinamay hats are incredibly popular at these parties, because they offer the same light, airy feel that a good afternoon tea does.  

As an added benefit, sinamay hats can be as big and bold as you want them to be.  In fact, these hats tend to have the biggest brims, complete with designer curves that will frame your face.  A big-brimmed sinamay tea hat is a great choice especially if you have an oval-shaped face, while the uplifted brim that many of these hats offer will accentuate a rectangular face.

But sinamay isn't the only option you have.  Straw hats are very popular at spring and summer tea parties -- especially when they're held outdoors, as opposed to inside a formal tea room -- while wool and felt are popular in the colder months.

In the end, tea parties -- and the hats you wear to them -- are all about fun.  The more fun you have selecting yours, the more fun you'll have showing it off!