Donna Hartley Millinery creates women’s hats that are inspired by the cultures of England and Spain. Donna Hartley creates spring and summer hats in a multitude of colors and unique designs. Hartley hats are made of sinamay straw, which is a high quality straw. Hartley creates hats, hatinators, and fascinators, so there is a size and style to satisfy any woman’s desire. These designs often feature flowers, ostrich quills, striped bows, and feathers. Rose red, teal, black, and purple are popular colors for this designer. Donna Hartley hats are perfect for the Kentucky Derby, Royal Ascot, Melbourne Cup, and any other derby race because they are so elaborate, colorful, and unique. These hats would also be perfect for other special or formal events, as they will add a unique flair to any woman’s outfit. For ladies looking for a special hat or fascinator, Donna Hartley Millinery is the perfect choice.

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