• What to wear at the Kentucky Derby 2017?

    Figuring out What to wear at the Kentucky Derby 2017 may seem like its a light year away , but its not necessarily too early to go ahead and have your hat selection process ready to go , so you can worry about your travel arrangements and be able to enjoy your day at Church Hill Downs at the race.

    Even if you aren't a betting person, it is still a good idea to bet on the right hat.

    Call one of our hat experts today to help you find the right style.


  • Kentucky Derby Hats are great Fashion for Church too

    Church lady hats and Kentucky Derby Race day hats have often paralleled in many ways.

    Though some of the traditional fascinator type kentucky derby hats may be a little to wild for a Sunday morning, there are many styles that work in this category that can help compliment as an accessory on a day of worship.


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