Kentucky Derby Church Fascinator Hats for Women

  • What to wear at the Kentucky Derby 2017?

    Figuring out What to wear at the Kentucky Derby 2017 may seem like its a light year away , but its not necessarily too early to go ahead and have your hat selection process ready to go , so you can worry about your travel arrangements and be able to enjoy your day at Church Hill Downs at the race.

    Even if you aren't a betting person, it is still a good idea to bet on the right hat.

    Call one of our hat experts today to help you find the right style.



  • Kentucky Derby Hats are great Fashion for Church too

    Church lady hats and Kentucky Derby Race day hats have often paralleled in many ways.

    Though some of the traditional fascinator type kentucky derby hats may be a little to wild for a Sunday morning, there are many styles that work in this category that can help compliment as an accessory on a day of worship.



  • The Kentucky Derby 2017 hat parade is one of the quickest , yet, viewed spectacle of the derby event.


    Brief history of Kentucky Derby Hats 2017 Fashion

    Way back when the fashion statement was started with Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.'s vision for the Derby Day as an event that the higher-class would attend,paralleling the European-type racing events, which expressed a full morning dress for men & women. This was a recruiting tool that was a brilliant marketing idea to get more men and women to attend the event and circumvent the fashion side of the race day as part of the ambience.

    The event has quickly became just as much about the fashion as the racing. Going to a horse racing event became an opportunity to show off the latest in spring fashion where women were known to coordinate their hats, dresses, bags, shoes, and even parasols.

    The exquisite hats that have become associated with the Kentucky Derby did not really come around until the 1960s, when social fashion norms loosened up and the presence of television gave women a reason to stand out. The hats became larger, brighter, and more extravagant.

    We are looking forward to revealing the new styles and fashion for 2017. Each year is different because of how unique and wonderful the creations become each year, separating each derby day year from the last.

    Kentucky Derby& Royal Ascot Ladies Fashion in the News

    Hats & Fashion for the Kentucky Derby has become far more popular since the royal wedding in 2011. This day marked a moment in Kentucky Derby and Fascinator history because the lavish adorned headwear of the upper class was brought back into the spotlight and became a staple once again in fashion.

    So if you are planning on attending the Kentucky Derby starting May 5th, make sure you have what you need.


    Samuel's Hats is here to help you for not only your Derby day headwear but also  if you are planning on throwing a Kentucky Derby or Royal Oak party of your own.

    Across America & abroad, for those that just want to have a fun themed event , our hats are wonderful showpieces for weddings, garden parties and tea party type occasions.

  • Fall & Winter Women's Hat Styles Sale hits Samuels Hats

    Winter and Fall womens hats of 2016

    The fall has hit and now we are getting into the season where its time to find that glorious hat wear to compliment your fall and winter apparel. Or find that perfect ensemble for the Kentucky Derby coming in the spring.


    Choose from an array of our beautiful hat selection for ladies and find the right piece to compliment that outlandish outfit of yours or choose the simple and chic looks.

    From Royal Ascot, fascinators, Pillboxes & more...


  • Samuel's Hats at the Kentucky Derby 2016

    We were digging through our photos this year and realized we didn't post about our experience at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville this fine 2016!

    The event was wonderful! We enjoyed watching all the new 2016 fashion of hats and ensemble pieces and had a great response at our booth at the derby .

    Deb Fanning Derby Hats Kentucky

    Here are some of the fine people that stopped by our booth at the Kentucky Derby to take a picture :



    As we look into the next year in 2017 at the Kentucky Derby, we hope to showcase more fine headwear and have a blast all over again.
    We hope that 2017's fashion line sneak preview will be released with plenty of time to help you pick out your favorite new hat for the Royal Oaks and Kentucky Derby.Kentucky Derby Winning Horse 2016We would also like to congratulate Nyquist on the win for the 2016 Kentucky Derby ( hopefully this was the horse you were betting on )
    Our hats can't predict the future of who the horse is that will win in 2017, but we do know that you will be a winner in one of our fashionable racing day head pieces .

  • Summer & Spring Time Derby Hats

         Race Day Derby Hats are Always a hit in the fashion world.3


    They are always a hit in the fashion world and often exemplify a traditional headwear style that has held its beauty and elegance for the test of time.

    Because there are so many different styles and features of the Derby hats , it's a good idea to keep more than one on hand to complete the ensemble of the outfits you will be wearing.
    As the end of the summer ushers in a new wave of fashion for the Fall and the Winter , this is the best time to watch for the close outs .

    Summer and Spring hats closeout deals derby
    New to wearing Kentucky derby hats? Just ask us. We have Hat Experts standing by!


  • So What is the main difference between a cocktail hat & a fascinator?

    The answer is simply, not too much!

    Both are small, elegant, somewhat outlandish fashion statements and the two terms are often used interchangeably.

    But if you really want to know, there are some differences between the two.  The cocktail hat is the precurser of the fascinator.  It came first, and today’s fascinator is not a real hat, but a delightful head ornament that clearly has its origins in yesterday’s cocktail hat.

    The Cocktail Hat

    The cocktail hat started somewhere in the 1930’s stemming from the popularity of new movie stars wearing these glamourous and often dazzling pieces made by wardrobe departments for films.

    Once these designs were being showcased in film and thousands of people were seeing it, it started making the tastemakers catch on and embellish more on this headwear style.

    Often, well dressed women and those that were in touch with high fashion would wear these pieces to balls, tea parties, luincheons, and many other occasions setting the standard. They were created with a hat base with nothing more than a hat pin to hold them in place.

    Of course, it was ok for a woman to go without a head piece, but it became almost a standard in fashion for ladies around the world to adorn themselves with different ornaments on their heads by the 1940's.

    The Fascinator head pieces today:

    Fascinators are a direct descendant of the cocktail hat yet, are created in a different manner.  Facinators usually have a smaller base foundation, posistioned traditionally on the side or top of the head & attached with a combination of combs, pins, clips or some sort of elastic accessory, or a combination of all these just to keep it from falling off. So, all in all, its not trully a formed had like its predecessor but more of an ornament .

    Feathers, lace , jewels, flowers and veils are added to the piece for the final look but mostly feathers or plumes of some exotic or vibrant bird will be in place for the effect.

    Kate Middleton, the now Duchess of Cambridge made this tradision and fashion statement more common. Facinators can also be part of wedding wear tradition between bride's maids and even the bride herself.

    Of course the races at Churchill Downs for the running of the Kentucky Derby this year and at fashionable Kentucky Derby parites all over the country usually have a wide variety of styles worn. The fascinator is not going anywhere anytime as the popularity, the etablished and often outrageous style can lead to many different configurations that its truly hard to get board by the look in general.

  • Kentucky Derby Race Day Hats Tradition

    It's a tradition that dates back to when the 1st  Kentucky Derby first originated in 1875.

    Back in the day : A woman's crowning glory was the hat. Especially popular in the south where the southern belle's would adorn themselves with this centerpieces.

    The culture is actually a hybrid between southern and British tradition.

    According to the Kentucky Derby's website, this tradition was started by founder Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr. , who shaped the horse race after other high-class European racing events.

    The hat-wearing tradition doesn't stop in the USA. It actually can be found as a popular adornment across the great seas and in many other countries around the world.


  • Kentucky Derby Hats - The Basics

    Okay, the Kentucky Derby may be about the horses, but anyone who has been to the race once knows it is also about the derby hats. Having the right Kentucky Derby hat can make or break your day at the races. You want to be the talk of the races for the right reason and a hat that is fashionable and flattering. If you are not sure how to pick a derby hat for race day then the following guide can help.

    Be Yourself

    There is no set rule as to what makes a derby hat look good. The finishing touches on the cap are important. Look for final touches that are on trend. You should also look for the finer details that fit your personality. This will help you make a statement.

    Perfect Fit

    The most important thing you need to consider when picking a hat for the Kentucky Derby you want to make sure the hat fits right. If the hat doesn’t sit on your head correctly, it will look sloppy. You want to choose a head wear piece that makes you walk tall and feel super confident.

    Compliment Your Outfit

    If you really want to make a statement you need to pick an outfit that goes well with your flashy derby hat. Ideally, you want your derby piece to look like your outfit as if they were made for one another. When you go shopping for your derby outfit bring your derby hat with you. If you are shopping online for your fancy derby dress be sure to keep your headpiece by the computer in order to get the perfect match!

    Size Matters

    The bigger brimmed the hat is the bolder the statement will be. Obviously, the larger the derby hat the more attention you are going to get. If you are not comfortable getting looks from other race goers, you may want to scale it back and wear more of an average size piece. When selecting your hat choose something that you feel confident in. If you feel confident in a big, bold hat, go for it!

    Consider Comfort

    A hat may look good, but if it isn’t comfortable to wear you should consider a smaller brimmed hat. You don’t want to be stuck carrying a large brim hat because it is uncomfortable wearing it. You want a hat the feels comfy and looks great on.

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