Giovannio by Emma B Women's Collection - Spring Summer Headwear

Emma BGiovannio has been a major name in the designer hat industry for decades.  Emma B, on the other hand, is much newer to the scene -- but she's made quite a splash in a relatively short time!  Since graduating with a degree in Fashion and Textiles and a specialty in Millinery in 1997, Emma Linney has quickly become a go-to designer for the world's most prestigious hats.  Her Emma B line creations made an appearance at the Royal Wedding in 2011!

That's why the collaboration between Giovannio and Emma B makes so much sense!

Giovannio By Emma B brings the old and the new together.  These hats combine old-world attention to detail with new outside-the-box designs.  As a result, the fashion world is taking notice on both sides of the Atlantic.  Hats from the Giovannio By Emma B line have appeared everywhere from Vogue, to Ascot, to the Kentucky Derby, to New York International Bridal Week.

As Linney puts it, a good hat is "the difference between being dressed and being dressed up".  That's why she works so hard to design hats that are true fashion statements.  And, she puts an even bigger emphasis on the hats she creates for Giovannio.  This partnership was originally designed to fetch all kinds of headlines, and thanks to Linney's dramatic ideas, it has done exactly that!

Giovanni By Emma B hats are sold throughout America, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

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