Okay, the Kentucky Derby may be about the horses, but anyone who has been to the race once knows it is also about the derby hats. Having the right Kentucky Derby hat can make or break your day at the races. You want to be the talk of the races for the right reason and a hat that is fashionable and flattering. If you are not sure how to pick a derby hat for race day then the following guide can help.

Be Yourself

There is no set rule as to what makes a derby hat look good. The finishing touches on the cap are important. Look for final touches that are on trend. You should also look for the finer details that fit your personality. This will help you make a statement.

Perfect Fit

The most important thing you need to consider when picking a hat for the Kentucky Derby you want to make sure the hat fits right. If the hat doesn’t sit on your head correctly, it will look sloppy. You want to choose a headwear piece that makes you walk tall and feel super confident.

Compliment Your Outfit

If you really want to make a statement you need to pick an outfit that goes well with your flashy derby hat. Ideally, you want your derby piece to look like your outfit as if they were made for one another. When you go shopping for your derby outfit bring your derby hat with you. If you are shopping online for your fancy derby dress be sure to keep your headpiece by the computer in order to get the perfect match!

Size Matters

The bigger brimmed the hat is the bolder the statement will be. Obviously, the larger the derby hat the more attention you are going to get. If you are not comfortable getting looks from other race goers, you may want to scale it back and wear more of an average size piece. When selecting your hat choose something that you feel confident in. If you feel confident in a big, bold hat, go for it!

Consider Comfort

A hat may look good, but if it isn’t comfortable to wear you should consider a smaller brimmed hat. You don’t want to be stuck carrying a large brim hat because it is uncomfortable wearing it. You want a hat the feels comfy and looks great on.