Ladies Panamas

Ladies panama hats are a popular hat style for summer. The straw construction makes the hats lightweight yet durable, so they can survive outdoor summer activities without being burdensome. Panama hat brims provide protection from UV rays, so they are functional and stylish hats for the outdoors. The hat material is breathable, allowing the hat to shade from the sun without trapping heat. Panama style hats come in casual and dressy women’s versions. The straw hats are casual for outdoor activities and beach fun. Women's panama style hats made of linen or silk are more formal, and can be worn with suits or other dressy clothing, for a formal, but summery, look.

Women’s panama hats are often white or another lighter color. Ribbon around the base of the crown is a typical ladies Panama hat decoration. Feathers can be added to brighten up the hat and make it more decorative.  Panama hats originated in Ecuador, and are so important that they are recognized by UNESCO. Since these hats are so well-known, now ladies anywhere can order one of these fine and functional hats.  There is a women's panama hat for any occasion, casual or fancy, for the spring and summer months.