Samuel's Hats at the Kentucky Derby 2016

We were digging through our photos this year and realized we didn't post about our experience at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville this fine 2016!

The event was wonderful! We enjoyed watching all the new 2016 fashion of hats and ensemble pieces and had a great response at our booth at the derby .

Deb Fanning Derby Hats Kentucky

Here are some of the fine people that stopped by our booth at the Kentucky Derby to take a picture :



As we look into the next year in 2017 at the Kentucky Derby, we hope to showcase more fine headwear and have a blast all over again. We hope that 2017's fashion line sneak preview will be released with plenty of time to help you pick out your favorite new hat for the Royal Oaks and Kentucky Derby.Kentucky Derby Winning Horse 2016We would also like to congratulate Nyquist on the win for the 2016 Kentucky Derby ( hopefully this was the horse you were betting on ) Our hats can't predict the future of who the horse is that will win in 2017, but we do know that you will be a winner in one of our fashionable racing day head pieces .