Galliano Sorbatti | Italy

Sorbatti HatsSorbatti's story is one of deep roots, tradition, and family. Back in 1922, Attilio Sorbatti and his wife, Ester, started a small hat design business in the Marche region of central Italy. Their goal? To build a reputation based on quality craftsmanship. It seemed like the perfect calling, especially since the Sorbatti's small village of Montappone has a long history of weaving the local straw into hats.

And boy did they do a good job of building upon the local tradition!

Today, Sorbatti is one of the biggest names in hat design. These days, Sorbatti's grandchildren -- Marco and Attilio -- run the family business, after taking over for Sorbatti's sons. At Sorbatti, hats truly are a family affair!

Over the years, Sorbatti combined that love of quality craftsmanship with a dedication to technology and innovation. That multi-focus has enabled the company to grow from a small venture to a strong, dynamic force in the industry. Tourists actually visit Montappone in large part because the village has become a "hat mecca" of sorts. The locals even call it "The Village of the Hat"!

Sorbatti makes hats and caps for both men and women. The straw panama designs that Attilio and Ester created all those years ago are still big sellers, as are traditional hats made from felt and wool.