Eric Javits | USA

Eric Javits began his business designing women’s hats in 1985. Soon after he began designing hats, he became a popular designer with celebrities and royalty. He has won many awards for his designs and has been honored for his contribution to the millinery and fashion industries. The hats have been featured in several fashion magazines. Javits designs spring and summer hats that are perfect for the beach and other outdoor events. These hats help protect from the sun’s rays, so that women can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about sunburn. Javits’ fall and winter hats are most often made of felt. Fall and winter hats are stylish as well as functional, as they will keep ladies heads and ears warm during the cold months. These hats feature wide ribbons and large bows on the hat crown. As with most fall and winter hats, Javits hats are mostly dark colors such as black and gray, with a few in lighter colors like tan and white. Eric Javits hats are simple, yet elegant. The hats are useful for everyday wear as well as for church and other more formal events.