Nigel Rayment | Fascinators

Nigel Rayment HatsWhen Nigel Rayment started designing hats nearly four decades ago, the goal was simple -- to do one thing, and do it well.  Ever since, Nigel Rayment has been the go-to designer for grooms and mothers of the bride.  While the focus has always been on weddings, Nigel Rayment's hats are also incredibly popular at Ascot.  Over the years, everyone from royalty, to politicians, to celebrities have donned Nigel Rayment's creations.

The Nigel Rayment brand has always been a family affair.  Nigel and Caroline personally run their London boutique, while Sean Rayment runs a boutique in Manchester City Centre.  And, they brag that all of their stylists are mums, so they'll know exactly what each mother of the bride is looking for to look her very best.

Adding to the personal touch, Nigel Rayment's hats are adorned with flowers and feathers that are each dyed by hand.  But don't think that you have to head to the UK to get your own Nigel Rayment hat!  His creations are sold by some of the finest retailers on five different continents. 

In addition to running his boutique, Nigel Rayment is incredibly busy at the design table.  His Spring & Summer 2015 collection included more than 100 different styles, from wide-sweeping brims, to small fascinators.