Niche Hats | Spring and Summer

The Niche Collection Hats

Want proof that the Rayment family is one of the biggest in hat design?  Look no further than Kirk Rayment --the son of Nigel Rayment -- who decided to follow in his father's footsteps and start his very own brand of designer hats.  The end result?  The Niche Collection!

Amazingly, Kirk Rayment's career began far away from hats, in the real estate industry, to be exact.  But then he decided that there simply weren't enough well-made hats that were also affordable.  So, he abandoned the real estate market and dove into the hat market!

Today, The Niche Collection has more than 30 different styles in a variety of shapes and colors.  Like his father, Kirk Rayment's hats are very popular at weddings.  But what sets the younger Rayment's work apart are his modern designs.  Instead of using traditional shapes, Kirk Rayment's hats feature outsi

And, yes, over the years, Kirk Rayment has stayed true to his promise of creating affordable hats.  With prices that are a fraction of other designers', Kirk Rayment's hats will fit into virtually any budget, making them the perfect accompaniment to a wedding, a cocktail party, or a day at the race curves and uniquely-placed embellishments.  One of his favorite embellishments?  Feathers.  He uses them to create everything from angled talking pieces to "flowers" with feathered petals.