Giovannio Casual Headwear - Fall Winter Collection

Giovannio HatsNearly 100 years ago, an Italian man named Giovanni wanted to give women an assortment of hats that they could wear every day -- whether their day included an elegant wedding or a casual trip into the city.  He believed that a hat wasn't merely a fashion piece, but an accessory that provided a window to the wearer's distinct personality. 

Back in the early days, the focus at Giovannio was on manufacturing.  Giovanni wanted to import the finest-crafted hats, so he assembled a team of craftsmen who had been creating hats for their entire lives.  It was that attention to detail that made the Italian company a major name in America. And all these years later, it still is!

Today, the company is owned by F&M Hat Company.  And instead of being manufactured in Italy, Giovannio's hats are crafted in Pennsylvania.  But while some things may have changed over the years, one thing has not -- Giovannio's goal is still to use the very best materials, the very best manufacturing techniques, and the very best TLC to create one-of-a-kind hats.

Over the years, Giovannio expanded its reach to men, as well.  These days, Giovannio hats are sold under a variety of product lines -- including Giovannio By Emma B, Giovannio Bridal By Emma B, Giovannio Trend, Giovannio Lifestyle, and Giovannio Men.  They're sold in some of the finest stores in America, Europe, and throughout the Caribbean.