Biltmore Hats is a company that has been producing fine quality hats since 1917. These hats are made in the United States in Texas. Biltmore Hats are men’s hats that have a classic style in a variety of materials and designs. Most of the men’s hats have a wide brim and a pinched crown and come in styles such as the fedora and porkpie. The hats are made of felt, straw, or blends, so there is a Biltmore hat for warm or cold seasons. A wide band is often added to the base of the crown, sometimes tied with a bow or knot. Feathers are often added as a decoration on Biltmore Hats, as they add a spot of color to the otherwise dark or neutral colored hats. Men’s cold weather hats are mainly in black, brown, or navy blue. Summertime men’s hats are white, tan, or a lighter navy blue. Biltmore Hats creates these several classic men’s hat styles using the finest goods so that their stylish hats will last for many seasons.